... since purchasing AnFX I got Macromedia Studio. Although I was able to get started using Dreamweaver and Fireworks with little trouble, Flash MX just never did click with me so I am back to using your program for my simple flash needs. It is very intuitive and easy.

C. Busch, USA,

AnFX is great !
Within minutes after I downloaded AnFx I was up and running. After One day I had created an impressive introduction movie including sound.... unbelievable !

Joris Van den Bergh,

AnFX is great!! We've won a web site deal (worth 10s of $1000s) thanks to the fast learning of AnFX. Three different homepage prototypes were built in 1 week, with tons of animations. We had nothing to do with Flash which is expensive, hard to learn...!! The quality of the homepage (100% AnFX) was a key element. I've experienced 3 main benefits with AnFX:

1 - It's so easy to learn! One can provide excellent results after just a few hours. (I'm speaking of real graphic effects, not just text moves).

2 - AnFX is all in one. It can replace a lot of applets. In that site we used AnFX to build not only the prototype homepages and now the final one (not yet finished) but also the navigation bars on the whole site, and a text scroller too.

3 - It's affordable, easy to get and update and there is a real after sales support :o) !

Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, Conception et réalisation de sites Web, Meaux, France

"Wow...your product rules massively!"

Tony Nungesser, Almont USA,

"This is a "GREAT" program! I found it very easy to set up and use. I like the new effects in version 4 and will be using it on my site instead of flash.

Craig Sigmund,

AnFX is the best kept secret in my software arsenal, and for a very good reason - no other product has ever come along and been so effective at turning "wanna-be" web designers into professional web animation guru in less than 30 minutes. With the power and ease of use this software brings to your web creation arsenal, this single software product can accurately be described as a tool you use to design your own paycheck.

Bob Hodges,

"Please send unlock key via email as soon as you can, THIS PROGRAM IS TOO PERFECT TO STAY LOCKED UP!!!!!"

Lauri Ordway, MPLS,,

I have been thoroughly impressed by the technical support that I received from Chris Colman at Step Ahead Software. My computer harddrive failed and I had to rebuild everything on it. During the rebuild, I had problems running AnFx with Vista. Chris involved me in the process of tracking down the error and soon resolving it. He was very professional, helpful and communicative. I felt like he was working around the clock because whenever I'd login to my email in the morning, there was a new file to try and/or a status update. My background is in software quality assurance, so I understand the process required to work through problems. I haven't received this high quality of support from a software company in recent years. So kudos to your company!

Lynn Woodruff,

"The 12 year old son of a one of our clients was competent with the design of AnFX animations after only 30 minutes exposure to the tool... We have switched over to AnFX from Flash for all our animation work... AnFX is so much easier to learn and use."

Ralph Gilham, WebH,

"I am promoting your AnFX product to other people as a way of showing my appreciation of the way you treat problems and requests... very good!"

M. van Loon, Loonmuziek,

"AnFX is the best applet editor and java software programme available. I say this after having tried all the other similar software that I could find. It's easy to understand and use .... it's very user friendly. It's just great! I particularly like the way you have provided the evaluation copy. It's compact - it works without crashing like some others do and in particular there are none of those annoying reminders continually asking to register. For this and the other reasons stated above I wish to now register my evaluation copy. Good on ya!"

E Giribaldi, AusMusic,,

"I downloaded 10 of these things last night and yours seemed to be the easiest to play with!"

C Carter,,

"I have happily used Flash, Director and Embed to create animations for web sites, until I came across AnFX. AnFX is so simple and intuitive just about anybody can create "web shows" instead of stagnated web sites. The production desktop is so easy to animate scenes, I created my first production within 30 minutes of downloading the software. I highly recommend AnFX to anybody who wants a cutting edge website without having to learn a difficult animation program."

Patrick Writer,,

AnFX is an excellent program. It has made it very easy for me to create wonderful, eye-catching and complex graphics. The only thing that I like better than AnFX is the awesome, interactive technical support that I have received. Thanks for being a model company."

Kenn Simons, USA,

"A very fine product: Thanks for making java-power so user friendly."

Kurt Trinko,,

It's been fun learning how to use AnFX and to see what it can do. Im pleased with the results since Im someone that doesn't know how to use a flash builder. I have MacroMedia Flash but couldn't figure out how to use it.

Jere Kibler,

I have always liked your software (which is why I purchase every upgrade), but know that I know how great the customer service is, well, you have a customer for life

Shawn Antosz,

I am already impressed with the ease of use of AnFX compared with the other SWF products that I evaluated ... I am hoping to get away from having to use Flash for anything ... AnFX is a lot more intuitive and I can put together a movie a lot faster! ... I appreciate your customer support

Dan, Web Developer USA,