AnFX Version History

  • Added PNG image support!* Now you can take advantage of the alpha transparency of PNG files to create static or moving images that look great no matter what background is behind them.
  • Improved image quality by exporting to Flash format 8 SWF files instead of format 7. Flash formats 6 and earlier had some known issues in regard to rendering images. Flash 7 fixed some of these but was not 100% right and so 'work arounds' needed to be made to make images appear ok. Version 8 format fixes these issues and so the 'work arounds' in the AnFX exporter code have been removed as it now exports SWF files that target version 8, or later, of the Flash player. Images now look a lot better and are placed much more accurately.
  • Fixed problem that could prevent requesting a new key when running on Vista (when not logged in with administrator rights). No longer generates a order.htm on the hard disk and then opens it - just goes straight to the key server website like all other web links in the application.

PNG formats supported*

  • Color PNGs using non indexed (direct/ true color) RGB format
  • Color PNGs using a palette of up to 256 colors
  • Greyscale PNGs using non indexed (direct) format.

Greyscale PNGs using a palette are not yet supported but let us know if anyone has a need for this and we'll add it.