Flash charting tools that allow quick and easy creation of charts to display data in an attractive, eye catching way.

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AnFX Chart / AmiChart

AmiChart is a complete animated Flash chart construction environment. It is a friendly, powerful, easy to use tool for creating animated column, line and pie graphs. A simple setup wizard means you'll be displaying your data in dynamic, eye-catching ways in minutes.

Use AmiChart to:

  • Show any type of data on a website in an interesting way.
  • Display company reports - bring boring, ordinary data to life - keep people awake in your presentations!
  • Spruce up your PowerPoint presentations with AmiChart. AmiChart charts can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily.
  • Convey your next big idea in a compelling, convincing, high impact way with some AmiCharts.

Remember to check the Release History page regularly for updates.

Download fully functional AnFX Chart / AmiChart free trial.

Create eye catching, animated charts in seconds with a few clicks of your mouse. Charts are created as Flash .swf files.

Platforms supported:
Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP

Download Latest AmiChart Version
(1.5 MB).

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AmiChart Generator  
The server side solution for "on the fly" creation of charts using dynamic data. Each AmiChart Generator license comes with a complimentary AmiChart Application License so that you can create a chart database specifying the look and feel of your generated charts. AmiChart Generator combines the chart styles in your database with data you specify as parameters.

Platforms supported:
Win 95/98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP

Download Latest AmiChart Generator Version (1.5 MB).

AmiChart Generator


AmiChart will work in "registered mode" with any existing license key purchased. It will work in fully functional "evaluation mode" for 15 days from the day your original version was installed if no key is entered. Make sure that you shutdown any old versions of AnFX before starting this installation procedure.

When you purchase a license:

When you purchase a license an electronic unlock key will be sent by email to unlock your evaluation version so that it will continue to work after the evaluation period has expired. If you upgrade to a new PC we will can issue you a new unlock key for that PC without charge.

Details of the Trial

The AmiChart trial is a fully functional copy of the product that allows you to evaluate the product for 15 days. It allows the generation of charts in the Flash (.swf) file format without any limitation and without any evaluation messages contained in the .swf movies.

Existing Users

You can upgrade an existing AmiChart installation to the latest version by simply downloading the product via one of the links below and installing it.